Master Reseller

                                                          Datacenter is in USA

 Servers specs. 6 cpu's on SSD or 4 cpu's on Sata HDD 
16GB ram with RAID 10 Disk
You can expect more than 30 times faster input-output on disks (which further means data should be significantly fetched and stored faster, giving you better speeds and performance. This setup can sustain up to 6 drive failures at the same time without impacting uptime and performance, and therefore is extremely reliable in situations of disk failures.)


Master Reseller Hosting
With FREE DDOS Attack Protection

We are so sure your love our servers and customer support you'll stay month after month after.
With LOWHOSTINGRATES Master Reseller you can create multiple accounts within your Master account and sell these to your clients. All resources for your clients accounts you create are taken from your main account. And create as many accounts as your resources allow.

Your customer won't know that his account is a sub account unless you tell him. Same as with your main reseller account this is a completely transparent solution, we will never contact your customer. Master Reseller account is a better situation for those that do not want to run their own server.

Master Reseller Hosting Features

4 CPU's

Solid State Drive 
SSD) 6 CPU's

Setup Free Free
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth per month Unlimited Unlimited
DDOS Attack Protection up to 20 GBpb Free Free
Master Reseller Control Panel / Zamfoo    
Create Reseller and Cpanel  Accounts YES YES
Manage subresellers' quota YES YES
Create, suspend and delete hosting accounts YES YES
Manage Clients' disk space and bandwidth YES YES
POP3 Accounts YES YES
Webmail Access YES YES
E-mail Alias Unlimited Unlimited
Auto Responders YES YES
Catch Alls Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Spam Filters Unlimited Unlimited
SpamAssassin Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Forwards YES YES
PHP5 with Zend Optimizer YES YES
MySQL database with PHPMyAdmin Unlimited Unlimited
Private CGI-Bin / Perl YES YES
ImageMagick YES YES
Web Host Manager  (WHM) YES YES
Zamfoo YES YES
Control Panel YES YES
Domains Hosted YES YES
Web Based File Manager YES YES
Instant Backup/Restore CPanel 11 CPanel 11
Multi Language Unlimited Unlimited
Two-factor authentication (2FA) More Cpanel Security Enabled Enabled
Hotlink Protection YES YES
phpMyAdmin MySQL Manager Unlimited Unlimited
IP Deny Manager YES YES
Custom Error Pages YES YES
Redirect URL YES YES
Password Protected Directories YES YES
Softaculous YES YES
Instant Customer Support Desks YES YES
Instant PHPnuke YES YES
Instant Forums YES YES
Instant Guestbook YES YES
Instant Portals YES YES
Instant Counter YES YES
Instant FormMail YES YES
AWstats (Real Time Updates) YES YES
Webalizer Stats YES YES
Raw Log Manager YES YES
Referrer Logs YES YES
Error Logs YES YES
Monthly Price YES YES
Account Master Reseller Sata Master Reseller SSD
Monthly Price $6.95 $8.95
Purchase Order Order